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I fell in love with Port in the early 90s while doing several courses in the UK. One lesson I learned was that a typical British club should always have two things on hand: a decent cigar and a good bottle of Port.

As I learned to enjoy wine, my two favourites have always been Bordeaux and Port. However, as I watched the prices of Bordeaux climbing to astronomical heights, my focus moved to be solely on Port. From my point of view a mature Vintage Port or an aged Tawny is a more-than-worthy competitor for even the most outstanding Bordeaux wines. In addition to this, Port has one of the best ageing potentials – certainly more promising than most red wines. So today I put bottles away for my children, my godchildren and their children as well.

How does one begin enjoying Port? I would recommend first that you take a look at the pages Basics, White/Rose Port, Ruby and Tawny. If any questions arise, please feel free to contact me on info(at)worldofport.com. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

As for you veteran Port-drinkers, if you would like to discuss e.g. the advantages of the 1931 Nacional Port of Noval against the regular Vintage Port of the same year, please email me any time. The next best thing to drinking outstanding Port is discussing it with friends.